Let's Start At The Beginning

It has been said "every end has a beginning and every beginning has an end". I had come to the end of what interested me about photography in November 2020. I retired in February of 2018 and photography was filling my time and providing an opportunity to meet and socialize with new people. One of the things I missed about going to work everyday was the collaboration and socialization with my teammates.

I had a studio in my home for a year or so and enjoyed meeting and working with new people to provide them with headshots, portraits, or modeling comp card photographs. I enjoyed learning about studio lighting and post processing using Adobe Lightroom. My studio kept me busy. I was learning new things. I'm the happiest when I'm in learning mode.

But the pandemic had put an end to having people come into my studio. To fill the void my wife and I started a YouTube channel called Strong in Retirement which we later changed to Twelfth Avenue Cuisine. We began producing video content around an Ooni Koda 16 outdoor pizza oven. I handled the video cameras, the editing, and was her side-kick in the videos. While I enjoyed learning to produce videos I still needed more.

So in November 2020 I went into research mode to explore what new challenges awaited me in the photography area. After 5 weeks of research I landed on Astrophotography Deep-Sky Object imaging as my next big learning adventure

This blog along with my YouTube channel AstroVagabond tells the tale of my journey to learn and become proficient in deep sky object imaging. 

I hope you will trek along with me as I take on this challenge. I'm a beginner again and I love it! Clear skies!  


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