My Gear List

 My Gear List

Sky-Watcher GEMHEQ-5$900.00
Sky Watcher AC/DC AdapterHEQ-5$45.70
William Optics ZenithStar TelescopeZ61 II$538.00
William Optics Adjustable Field FlattenerZ61A$198.00
Williams Optics Guide ScopeUniGuide 32$99.00
William Optics T-Adapter48mm Canon$29.00
ZWO Guide Scope CameraASI120MM$139.00
Astronomik CLS Canon EOS XL Full Frame Clip Filter - CLS-EOSXLD1$179.00
QHY Polemaster w/HEQ5 Adapter$327.41
ZWO Monochrome Pro CameraASI294MM$1,480.00
ZWO 12V 5A AC to DC AdapterDC12V5A-US$30.00
ZWO 8 Position EFWEFW8-125/31$299.00
ZWO H-alpha Filter - 7nm1.25"$129.00
ZWO Premium LRGB Filter Set1.25"$148.00



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    1. It can get expensive. And I was going to post my "wish list" which is even more money! But many people have taken a different approach going with their existing DSLR, lenses and lightweight mounts like the Sky-Watcher Star Adventurer which keeps the cost down. They can produce great images as well. Something for every budget.


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